Friday, May 18, 2007

Astounding Feats of Human Intelligence- Part 2

You know whats fucking genius (besides the clip below of Mike Tyson's greatest hits, which includes quite possibly the the most astounding feats of human intelligence ever uttered by a single individual)? Filing very important invoicing documents in totally random and arbitrary folders. Not only is it easier than taking the time to file them where they belong (necessitating much difficult going-and-getting of numerous seperate folders) but it has the added bonus of making your co-workers spend precious hours toiling futily through every folder in the department to find said invoicing document while a guy from finance stands around impatiently tapping his foot until eventually sighing and proclaiming he will be back on monday and he really needs that invoice document. Who perpetrated this astounding feat of human intelligence? Who single handedly cut effeciency in my department by nearly 100% for two hours on tuesday morning?


Repeat after me:
I am sofa king. We. Todd. Ed.

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