Thursday, May 10, 2007

Quote of the Arbitrary Time I Deem Adequate Between Posting Quotes I Feel Worthy Of Quoting No. 1

For the inaugural posting in this perhaps-frequently-occurring series we have a gem from none other than the most gentlemanly and sporting man ever to grace the velvety green carpet of Old Trafford, the cuddliest and wuddliest of all Irishmen, the ambassador of God to Cork and recently successful manager of the mighty Black Cats: take a bow Roy Keane.

Taken from his masterfully executed and cleverly titled memoirs, Keane: The Autobiography, the passage is simply breathtaking in its simplicity, an immaculately succinct and forthright expression of his sentiment, a quote so emblematic of the great man that this humble author suggests it would not be out of place gracing Master Keane’s tombstone on that grey Irish day that the magnificent former King of Manchester passes from this world to eternity!

Following a typically fair though, unfortunately (and surely accidentally), leg-breaking tackle on his most respected Manchester City opponent Alfie Haaland, Sir Roy Keane of the Court of Noble and Sporting Conduct had these fine words to comfort his fallen but worthy foe as he lay writhing upon on the turf:

“Take that, you cunt.”

Good form, old man. Good form.

(Quoted directly from p. 231 in Keane, R., 2002, Keane: The Autobiography, Penguin Books, London.)

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