Thursday, June 7, 2007

Astounding Feats of Human Intelligence- Part 4

Okay so the mighty Rooney's Uncle (my futsal team) had a game on monday night- our first since they collapsed 1st and 2nd division into one league due to a spate of dropped out teams. Now, Rooney's Uncle is a much better than average 2nd div team (we were 2nd or 3rd in the league until the merger). Anyway we played a team on monday night with the wonderfully creative name of The Suicide Strikers. Kinda like naming your team Ultra-Laser Champions or some shit. Or so I thought. Turns out the whole team was comprised of guys of middle eastern descent. This is nothing new. I live in an area that has a very large Lebanese community and most of the teams we play against are mostly either Greek, Turkish or Lebanese. But this team was...well...they were complete assholes. Really dirty, bitched at the ref about every call, real or imagined, and they brought an entire posse of assholes to cheer them on (in a suburban high school gym). And they are from the 1st division. Real winners.

So, we held our own but unfortunately let a 4-3 lead slip to lose 5-4. Not bad for a 2nd div team playing a 1st div team. Why is this filed under Astounding Feats of Human Intelligence? Well, because they thought it was funny to call their team the The Suicide Strikers.

I'm sorry. That shit ain't funny. Wonder how they'd feel if we called our team Mossad.
So congratulations Suicide Strikers. For your contribution to inter-ethnic relations, you are Astounding Feats of Human Intelligence number 4.

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alex_ygd said...

Gotta completely agree with you on that one.