Tuesday, July 31, 2007

As easy as writing depressing music that appeals to whiny suburban teenagers.

Allo bonjour. Having been inspired by L'alex's creation of a simpsons avatar at Simpsonsmovie.com , I thought I should create my own. Et voila! Meet Wan O. B. Nietszche, the brand new emo Simpson!

Top Ten - Hugo Sanchez

Sweet jeebus. How many bicycle kicks can one guy score? I was actually getting bored by the end. Except for one thing...wait his number three goal of all time. It's one of the sweetest free kicks I've ever seen.

Monday, July 30, 2007


Sweet jeebus, I wanna go home. Worky work is extremely overated. I'm feelin a little flat this monday. This is probably for a variety of reasons. One is that I spent the entire weekend up at my friends cottage in Blackwood "working" on a new art exhibition/multi-media monstrosity. What this really entailed was more along the lines of drinking and smoking for two days solid, swiming in a 7 degree waterhole on a 10 degree morning, almost getting hit with a wrench "jokingly" thrown at me be David Gill (which may or may not have been an accident), and dangling melting plastic bags over a canvas to create, ahem, "art" and playing "Blackwood Bocce"- a kind of extreme sports version of Bocce which is, quite honestly, truly the Bocce of Kings. So...of course work is gonna blow after a weekend like that. Argghhhh....wanna write more but I have to go back and do something. This is wholeheartedly against my slothy ways. I'll be back soon. I hope. I wanna talk about the new Simpsons movie. Anyone seen it? I did. It was...actually you can just wait fro me to come back to that. Also, has anyone seen Ghost Rider? It is quite simply the worst film in the history of film. Perhaps even the worst attempt at entertainment since Org threw a rock at a sabertoothed tiger being hunted by Ack. More on that next time. In the meantime, wish us luck. The mighty Rooney's Uncle goes for it's fourth win on the bounce tonight. At the charming time of 10:40pm. Hurray for organized amateur sports.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Astounding Feats Of Human Intelligence- Part 5

I gotta admit that I didn't foresee so many of these astounding feats of human intelligence coming from work, but like so many other instances in my life, I should have known better. So what can the wonderful world of the Royal Melbourne Hospital Pharmacy Department throw at me this time?

Well, I got into work this morning to find a whole hell of a lot of drug shipments to be put away from yesterday (I don't work there on wednesdays). No big deal. That's pretty common. Only thing is, one of the shipment was a temperature sensitve shipment and had been left unrefrigerated since yesterday. Needless to say, the fucking thing was out of temp. range, creating an hour of extra paperwork and phone calls for me to take care of. Yipee hurray. Now, I don't want to whinge too much because the girls got slammed yesterday in my absence and they don't usually look after that stuff, plus the boxes were NOT clearly labeled "Store between 2-8 degrees C". So, I can't really blame them. What's theis posting about then, you ask? Well, in their infinite wisdom, management has decided that it will be fine to shut off the pharmacy cool room for an hour today, without any contingencies for moving the stock. Essentially what will happen is that they will assure me that the stock will remain between 2-8 degrees C, but (of course) it won't. Then I will spend the rest of my day phoning study coordinators to tell them that their extremely valuable stock may no longer be usable because my goddamn workplace refuses to do things properly. And for that, RMH Pharmacy gets another Astounding Feat of Human Intelligence. Thank you all very much.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Thailand vs Australia - Group A

This post should probably be called "F$#k me! That was close!"

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Yossi Benayoun

The Reds other latest signing, Yossi Benayoun. Or as I like to call him, the Israeli Campbell. Cams, check out around 55 seconds through the video. See? He's stealing your move!

Thursday, July 12, 2007

'The Usual Suspects' Trailer Re-Cut

This was also done by my brother-in-law, Spike. Too funny.

'The Hidden Hand'

This is the finished product of the film my brother-in-law made a few weeks ago. Yes, the Canstralian Sloth himself is both characters. See why he was blind for an entire day!

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Big Liverpool Signing No. 2?

According to this article right here, Ryan Babel is set to become a Liverpool player. I know Arsenal have been tracking him for quite a while- Dutch coach likens him to a new Henry. Here's some clips. He certainly seems Henry-esque, cutting in from wide on the left all the time. Whether he's anyway near as good? Time will tell. If FIFA07 is anything to go buy, he's like a 91 by 2009. I should know. I bought him for Liverpool then. This is actually kinda bizarre that they are buying him now. These real life clips sure look promising. Could be a good buy.

Monday, July 9, 2007

Matt LeTissier-

And he never played for England.

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Almost there...

According to this article Torres' move to Anfield should be announced formally in the next couple days. Flurkin' schweet.

The Return of the Mighty Uncle and other in-no-way-important-to-anyone tidbits

So what the hell? I started this blog as a means to procrastinate with greater efficiancy throughout the always-fun end-of-semester university shit-storm. Problem is, the semester is now well and truly gone and I have no more precious time to waste. Now I've only got idle time to waste. What does it all mean? Not a fricken thing, my friends. Except that postings will probably lag because I don't have important work to interrupt with nonsensical jibberish writings. Or not...

So, at the moment I've returned to my old stomping ground in the Sterile Room (or Aseptic Suite if you want to sound snooty) to fill in while our Drug Slaves (I mean trainee-pharmacists) are at some conference. See, I used to work in here full time before moving into pharmaceutical clinical trials (testy-testy druggy-druggy on humany-humans, mwahahahaha) where I now spend my days. I gotta tell ya, it's nice to be back in the old sterlie room. The time flies and somehow being locked in an airlock by myself all day is strangely conducive to a happy Hamblore. I don't know what that says about my psychological well-being, but it's probably best not to think about it too hard.

Grand. Ahhh, last night marked the triumphant resurgance of the Mighty Uncle. Yes, after three absolutely shiteful weeks, Rooney's Uncle FC is back on the winning trail. Oddly we won while our regular keeper was away. And he's really good. He's gonna be pissed he wasn't there. We actually went down 2-0 in the first like two minutes, because Chris (henceforth referred to simply and humbly as "The Goat"), the brave soul who volunteered to take first shift in the proverbial line of fire, promptly shat his pants and let in two goals of such glorious comedic value that I won't even attempt to describe them here. He was thus kindly and gently ushered from goal and we set about catching up. And boy did we catch up. And then, slide right past and off into the distance. We ended up winning 7-4 (which really should have been 7-2 if not for The Goats excellent goallkeeping humour) and even included a rare and cherished goal from the Canstralian Sloth himself, finishing off an excellent three one-touch-pass move which absolutely and mercilessly shredded the other teams meager defense. The Goat meanwhile attoned for his previous sins by banging home three. Nice work boys. Very nice.

Well shit, I gotta go and "do work" or I'll "get fired", so...adios amigos. Till next time, keep fit and have fun.

P.s. Apparently we are playing against our good friends and tastefully named Suicide Strikers in a couple weeks. Watch this space. Could get interesting. It's nice to have a nemisis. I just hope they don't read this blog, cause I said some kinda unfriendly things about them before and they seem like the kind of boys who like a little of the old ultra-violence. Hurray!

Monday, July 2, 2007

Logdriver's Waltz

Remember this my fellow canucks? Happy Canada Day.

Retarded, yet strangely thirst quenching.

I guess nobody ever gets tired of Barry Bonds/Giant-Headed Steroid Monster jokes.

What do increased sales of Dark Side of The Moon tell us?

What do increased sales of Dark Side of The Moon tell us? Hmmm. That people (all over the world) love marijuana. A lot. No. Like, a lot. Really a lot. They love it. Love it. A lot. Pink Floyd. Awesome. Like holy shit, a lot of people are smoking weed dude.