Thursday, July 19, 2007

Astounding Feats Of Human Intelligence- Part 5

I gotta admit that I didn't foresee so many of these astounding feats of human intelligence coming from work, but like so many other instances in my life, I should have known better. So what can the wonderful world of the Royal Melbourne Hospital Pharmacy Department throw at me this time?

Well, I got into work this morning to find a whole hell of a lot of drug shipments to be put away from yesterday (I don't work there on wednesdays). No big deal. That's pretty common. Only thing is, one of the shipment was a temperature sensitve shipment and had been left unrefrigerated since yesterday. Needless to say, the fucking thing was out of temp. range, creating an hour of extra paperwork and phone calls for me to take care of. Yipee hurray. Now, I don't want to whinge too much because the girls got slammed yesterday in my absence and they don't usually look after that stuff, plus the boxes were NOT clearly labeled "Store between 2-8 degrees C". So, I can't really blame them. What's theis posting about then, you ask? Well, in their infinite wisdom, management has decided that it will be fine to shut off the pharmacy cool room for an hour today, without any contingencies for moving the stock. Essentially what will happen is that they will assure me that the stock will remain between 2-8 degrees C, but (of course) it won't. Then I will spend the rest of my day phoning study coordinators to tell them that their extremely valuable stock may no longer be usable because my goddamn workplace refuses to do things properly. And for that, RMH Pharmacy gets another Astounding Feat of Human Intelligence. Thank you all very much.

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