Thursday, July 12, 2007

'The Hidden Hand'

This is the finished product of the film my brother-in-law made a few weeks ago. Yes, the Canstralian Sloth himself is both characters. See why he was blind for an entire day!

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alex_ygd said...

1. Is Maho a person? A Brazillian soccer player perhaps? I swear he looked exactly like you.
2. I'm kind of confused by the blind man walking away at the end. What has made him see now? It would have made sense to me if he would have torn the eyes out of the monster, but the monster's eyes still appeared to be there at the "eat shit" part.
3. The "eat shit" part was great.
4. The whole thing was pretty great. Your acting is coming along nicely.
5. I had a dream about the HammFamm reunion. Weird, no?