Tuesday, July 3, 2007

The Return of the Mighty Uncle and other in-no-way-important-to-anyone tidbits

So what the hell? I started this blog as a means to procrastinate with greater efficiancy throughout the always-fun end-of-semester university shit-storm. Problem is, the semester is now well and truly gone and I have no more precious time to waste. Now I've only got idle time to waste. What does it all mean? Not a fricken thing, my friends. Except that postings will probably lag because I don't have important work to interrupt with nonsensical jibberish writings. Or not...

So, at the moment I've returned to my old stomping ground in the Sterile Room (or Aseptic Suite if you want to sound snooty) to fill in while our Drug Slaves (I mean trainee-pharmacists) are at some conference. See, I used to work in here full time before moving into pharmaceutical clinical trials (testy-testy druggy-druggy on humany-humans, mwahahahaha) where I now spend my days. I gotta tell ya, it's nice to be back in the old sterlie room. The time flies and somehow being locked in an airlock by myself all day is strangely conducive to a happy Hamblore. I don't know what that says about my psychological well-being, but it's probably best not to think about it too hard.

Grand. Ahhh, last night marked the triumphant resurgance of the Mighty Uncle. Yes, after three absolutely shiteful weeks, Rooney's Uncle FC is back on the winning trail. Oddly we won while our regular keeper was away. And he's really good. He's gonna be pissed he wasn't there. We actually went down 2-0 in the first like two minutes, because Chris (henceforth referred to simply and humbly as "The Goat"), the brave soul who volunteered to take first shift in the proverbial line of fire, promptly shat his pants and let in two goals of such glorious comedic value that I won't even attempt to describe them here. He was thus kindly and gently ushered from goal and we set about catching up. And boy did we catch up. And then, slide right past and off into the distance. We ended up winning 7-4 (which really should have been 7-2 if not for The Goats excellent goallkeeping humour) and even included a rare and cherished goal from the Canstralian Sloth himself, finishing off an excellent three one-touch-pass move which absolutely and mercilessly shredded the other teams meager defense. The Goat meanwhile attoned for his previous sins by banging home three. Nice work boys. Very nice.

Well shit, I gotta go and "do work" or I'll "get fired", so...adios amigos. Till next time, keep fit and have fun.

P.s. Apparently we are playing against our good friends and tastefully named Suicide Strikers in a couple weeks. Watch this space. Could get interesting. It's nice to have a nemisis. I just hope they don't read this blog, cause I said some kinda unfriendly things about them before and they seem like the kind of boys who like a little of the old ultra-violence. Hurray!

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