Thursday, August 16, 2007

I got nothing to say

Whattup. So, many of you may have noticed that this blog has featured nothing but football videos for...i dunno...134 posts in a row? Well, what can I say? I'm a lazy bitch.

I was gonna try and start this post with something un-football, but...screw that. The Prem has kicked off, i've gone into a football frenzy, and I'm Sopcasting my download limits to within an inch of their lives. TO the un-initiated, SopCast (and similar programs) let you watch tv from all over the world streaming live to your computer. In what can only be described as the biggest threat to my marriage since FIFA07 on xbox, I have been able to watch every single football match that my little heart desires. In a word it's friggin' brilliant. I recommend hitting up for game listings and links.

In other football news, the mighty Rooney's Uncle FC fell at the semi-final stage of the cut-throat Brunswick Men's Division 1 Indoor Soccer League playoffs to our old nemisis, The Suicide Strikers. It was a close run thing, but we lost 8-6. It's too bad, too. We played really well. They just played better. For anyone who cares, I set up two and scored one. Probably my best offensive performance of the season. Too bad it didnt' really matter. Ah fuck it. The new season starts as soon as the playoffs are over. Which is next week. So, we get a whole week off before the mighty Uncle returns in hunt of glory once again.

Is anyone still reading this?

Yes. I know. I am a pathetic football nerd. If I have anything meaningful to say anytime soon, rest assured I will put it here. But I wouldn't hold your breath. Unless you like Andriy Voronin!


alex_ygd said...

I don't know about this whole football thing, but I love this sport called "soccer" that they play here in North America (read: center of the universe). There's even this dude Beckham that came to play here because the best soccer is in North America.

alex_ygd said...

I don't know who that douchebag is that wrote that last post, but we also have football here in NA, and the Riders and tied for the lead in the CFL. NFL camps/preseason is also underway and I have two fantasy leagues to study up for.

alex_ygd said...

Did I mention hockey is just around the corner?