Friday, September 28, 2007

Great Online TV

Go here for a great list of online streaming tv and movies.

My pick is - great quality, speed, and selection. Screw normal tv.
How The Beijing Olympics got their logo.

Vicious but not at all off the mark.

"Yer Gonna Eat Yer Babies!"

This is nothing new, but I thought I'd spread the word to any who don't know about this. is an excellent collection of documentaries that can be viewed streaming online. There are tons. My brother-in-law Travis put me on to this site ages ago. He highly recommended the Louis Theroux docs (located under the lifestyle/society- subculture) and I have to agree, they're great viewing. "The Most Hated Family in America" is pretty astounding stuff. Check it out. These guys are mental. The quote and title of this post occurs about 40mins in. Honestly, you gotta see it to believe it. What happened to this guy to make him hate homosexuals so much?

I find this amusing.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

That's my boy!

Ah, how it feels good to be right.

Reading 2- Liverpool 4.

Torres starts, Torres gets hat-trick.


Sublime Torres Hits Three As Liverpool Sail Through

As good a hat-trick as you’ll ever see from Fernando Torres helped Liverpool to a 4-2 win over Reading in the Carling Cup third round

...His hat-trick was complete five minutes from time. Gerrard, coming on as a late substitute fed another through ball for the pacy Torres to chase, he beat the offside trap and was one-on-one with the keeper. Perhaps his most difficult finish of the night was made to look easy. So many other strikers would have bottled it and powered wide or over, Torres took his time to round the keeper and slot home from two yards to complete a memorable night.

The tie and tomorrow’s headlines belong to the virtuoso Torres, who was simply outstanding. There were other positives for The Reds, Leto looked smart, as did Aurelio, coming back from long-term injury.

So Liverpool get through to the fourth round draw, having conceded their first goals from open play this season. That will not bother Benitez though, he’ll be busy working out the starting eleven for the weekend, and there’ll be hell to pay if Torres’ isn’t the first name down.


They might as well get it over with and make me manager already.

Monday, September 24, 2007

"Going Insane" or "Is It Too Late To Become An Arsenal Fan?"

All right. It's official. I've lost patience with Rafa Benitez. It's hard to lose faith in someone who has guided your team to two Champions Leauge finals in three years (winning one), as well as winning the FA Cup in between, but this weekend's fiasco just might have done it. 0-0 at Pompey, I can handle. The 1-1 draw in Porto was better than we actually deserved. But nil-nil at home against Birmingham is unbearable.

Let me put it plainly: Just what in the fyack was Fernando Torres doing on the bench?

I don't give a shit that he played in midweek against Porto. He has been BY FAR Liverpool's most threatening player this season. The decision to leave him on the bench was retarded. Simple as that. For god's sake, the guy cost over 20million pounds. I have a suggestion. If he is breathing, he starts. I'm getting sick of this Liverpool Lucky Dip All-Stars crap. Build a goddamned team Rafa. If they are alive, the first names on the team sheet should be Reina, Carra, Gerrard, and Torres. Torres is 23 years old. Not 30. Think he got rested playing for Athletico? He's exactly the kind of talent we have been lacking to break down the dogged all-out defence we encountered on saturday. I could handle it if he was injured, but Benitez has publicly said it was a tactical decision. Wow. He's a genius. The mind boggles.

Sadly, even as a subsitute he created more than anyone else did the whole game (his backheel which sent Crouch and Gerrard through should have been a goal if Crouch hadn't stumbled like a drunken baby giraffe into Gerrards way just as he was about to smash it home). Oh and then there was that other little chance (have a look at the video in the post below). Unbelievable.

Now i'm not saying that Rafa should be sacked.


But Mourinho is out there.

I'm just saying.

Yeah let's leave this guy on the bench

This happened about two seconds after he came of the bench.

Friday, September 21, 2007

I guess they don't like Kerlon's patented "Seal Dribble" very much

Spiderman, Year of The Uncle?

This past monday night the mighty Rooney's Uncle FC was presented with a chance to go even-top of the Brunswick Div 1 futsal ladder as we faced off against the so-far-undefeated first place team. Well my friends, the Uncle seized the opportunity with both it's meaty mitts, winning the game 4-2. We're even on points, but in second based on goal difference. Still, I like our chances.

Whisper it:

Could this be the Year of the Uncle? It just might be.

Now on to (even) more trivial news, I rented Spiderman 3 the other night (having resisted seeing it in the theater due ot almost unanimous calls that it sucks driveway-leak-spot oil residue). Still- it's got Venom in it. Like, dude. Venom.

Yeah...Venom...fuck me. Spiderman 3 is such a rancid turd it's hard to even discuss it. It features no plot, a miscellanious sand-monster (THAT ACTUALLY KILLED SPIDERMANS UNCLE, GASP!, even though we fucking well saw who killed his uncle in the first film), and possibly the worst dance number of all time. Seriously. Dance number.

Let me sum it up for you:
Basically imagine the Anchorman jazz flute interlude (which is awesome), but if it featured Emo Spiderman (not awesome). Yeah...when the black Venom-making space-ooze infiltrates Peter Parker, what does it do? Turns him emo. You can almost see the actors vomiting a little bit in their mouths.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

What's Better than Phil Collins' Drums?

Phil Collins's being played by a gorilla.

Oh how I yearn for simpler times...

Sunday, September 9, 2007

Great Things Bush Has Done

Go right here my friends. Pretty astounding. Well...kinda.

Friday, September 7, 2007

Crowds don't like police brutality

Man. This crowd certainly didn't approve of the gratuitous head shots laid on this pitch-invader by the security force.

Mel Gibson declares women should never wear pants again!!!

Ahh, Mel Gibson. Fast becoming Australia's very own christian Tom Cruise. What a flurkin whack-job. Check out this article about his crazy church. Bow down to supreme overlord Gibson!!! No pants for women!!!!

The Chasers! Julian and Chas arrested!

See post below.

The Chaser's War on APEC

This is solid gold. The Chaser's War on Everything, basically the only thing good about Australian tv, yesterday puleld a stunt posing as an official motorcade at the APEC summit in Sydney. They did it as part of their TV show. The figured they'd get stopped at the first checkpoint (a reasonable assumption considering the security at the summit is the biggest and most intense security effort EVER in Aus history at a staggering $65 million). Well guess what. They didn't. They made it through TWO checkpoints and almost made it into the ultra-mega-super-restricted-est-zone-ever before being stopped. Ahhh, all that money is going to good use. When they were finally stopped, who was in their "official" limo? One of the Chaser crew dressed as Bin Laden. Needless to say, the cops are slightly embarrassed. Read here for more.

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Marching Band Playing Radiohead. Brilliant.

This is flurkin' schweet.

Monday, September 3, 2007

Liverpoolvs thrash Derby 6-0

This will probably get removed quick, but I just had to post it. Babel's is awesome, and so is Torres 1st goal (I love mascherano- he's ruthless.).

SopCast- Screw Foxtel, watch soccer online

Yo. Upon request of my bro-in-law, Trav, I'm posting details of how to watch cable-only sports online using P2P tv. It's really simple.

1- Get a good P2P tv program such as SopCast (downloadable from here). There are other programs as well, such as tvAnts, and as you get more into it you may very well want to download more than one (I currently use a few different ones) but SopCast is a good place to start. Basically, different programs tend to stream different channels so depending on which games you watch you might discover that you need more than one program.

2- Use a good link directory. There are a few websites around that provide tv guides with links so you can find the games you want. I recommend They always have a comprehensive list of what's on and which channel and program you need to watch it. In my experience most big games are available on SopCast or tvAnts. All you need to do is click on the football guide located on the left of the page (which is seperated into Weekdays, Saturday and Sunday). They usually show a list of what games are on about 3-4 days in advance, but the links which open the channels don't come live until the day itself. This is because the links often change at very short notice.

3- Have a big-ass download limit. Each game you watch streams at around 350kb a second for over 90 minutes. Basically, one game equals roughly 1 gig of download use. So if you are planning to watch a lot of games, make sure you've got the download to cope with it.

Hope that makes it easy for ya.