Monday, September 24, 2007

"Going Insane" or "Is It Too Late To Become An Arsenal Fan?"

All right. It's official. I've lost patience with Rafa Benitez. It's hard to lose faith in someone who has guided your team to two Champions Leauge finals in three years (winning one), as well as winning the FA Cup in between, but this weekend's fiasco just might have done it. 0-0 at Pompey, I can handle. The 1-1 draw in Porto was better than we actually deserved. But nil-nil at home against Birmingham is unbearable.

Let me put it plainly: Just what in the fyack was Fernando Torres doing on the bench?

I don't give a shit that he played in midweek against Porto. He has been BY FAR Liverpool's most threatening player this season. The decision to leave him on the bench was retarded. Simple as that. For god's sake, the guy cost over 20million pounds. I have a suggestion. If he is breathing, he starts. I'm getting sick of this Liverpool Lucky Dip All-Stars crap. Build a goddamned team Rafa. If they are alive, the first names on the team sheet should be Reina, Carra, Gerrard, and Torres. Torres is 23 years old. Not 30. Think he got rested playing for Athletico? He's exactly the kind of talent we have been lacking to break down the dogged all-out defence we encountered on saturday. I could handle it if he was injured, but Benitez has publicly said it was a tactical decision. Wow. He's a genius. The mind boggles.

Sadly, even as a subsitute he created more than anyone else did the whole game (his backheel which sent Crouch and Gerrard through should have been a goal if Crouch hadn't stumbled like a drunken baby giraffe into Gerrards way just as he was about to smash it home). Oh and then there was that other little chance (have a look at the video in the post below). Unbelievable.

Now i'm not saying that Rafa should be sacked.


But Mourinho is out there.

I'm just saying.

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alex_ygd said...

don't get you panties all in a knot you big baby.

Are you in the relegation zone? exactly.