Monday, September 3, 2007

SopCast- Screw Foxtel, watch soccer online

Yo. Upon request of my bro-in-law, Trav, I'm posting details of how to watch cable-only sports online using P2P tv. It's really simple.

1- Get a good P2P tv program such as SopCast (downloadable from here). There are other programs as well, such as tvAnts, and as you get more into it you may very well want to download more than one (I currently use a few different ones) but SopCast is a good place to start. Basically, different programs tend to stream different channels so depending on which games you watch you might discover that you need more than one program.

2- Use a good link directory. There are a few websites around that provide tv guides with links so you can find the games you want. I recommend They always have a comprehensive list of what's on and which channel and program you need to watch it. In my experience most big games are available on SopCast or tvAnts. All you need to do is click on the football guide located on the left of the page (which is seperated into Weekdays, Saturday and Sunday). They usually show a list of what games are on about 3-4 days in advance, but the links which open the channels don't come live until the day itself. This is because the links often change at very short notice.

3- Have a big-ass download limit. Each game you watch streams at around 350kb a second for over 90 minutes. Basically, one game equals roughly 1 gig of download use. So if you are planning to watch a lot of games, make sure you've got the download to cope with it.

Hope that makes it easy for ya.

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